My career before healthcare was in motion studio work. I worked on commercials and TV spots at an animation shop called 4stroke (2010-2012), and before that, I had worked on broadcast graphics for the Vancouver Olympics at Bell Media (2009-2010).

I developed a deep respect for animators, riggers, lighters, matte painters, and all the specialists passionately working in the animation industry. Looking back now, storytelling and narratives in animation effortlessly cross over into product design.

Here's a selection of video work from my three years in broadcast/commercials, or as part of my generalist role in marketing/brand at RL. Most of the work started from sketches and then storyboards.


Product marketing video for RL6:Risk at RL Solutions. Palette was chosen from the 7(!) brand colours and type. Mixed the flat 3D look (using C4D) with 2D graphics to create a sense of surprise and playfulness, which reflects the clever spirit of the script.

I created the fluid dynamics (water and fire) in RealFlow and Maya. Creating these effects took a good deal of learning the tools from scratch.

A :30 spot for Spinmaster based off the type-based video of 'Fever'. Client wanted a fast-paced, edgy, exciting piece where the image on the screen was always racing on to the next thing.

Spec work. Type-based animation based on Peggy Lee's "Fever". Type, pacing, and palette was informed by the jazz/dim nature of the song.

Type animations for a Lise Watier spot. The type was secondary to the footage; it was supposed to support and express each shot with restraint. Each type piece expressed a singular idea in movement.

I worked on the mograph package of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Primarily editing the video cuts and managing graphic asset variations for each interstitial.