I'm a mission-driven designer looking to solve problems for social good.

Product Designer at Pager.
Previously RBC Ventures, Think Research, and RL-Datix.


RBC Ventures (2018-2019)

Movesnap // Sunset

I most recently worked at RBC Ventures, the bank’s newest incubator group. The opportunity exposed me to domain problems outside of healthcare. I was embedded into Movesnap, a startup that wanted to make moving easy.

Read the case study on Movesnap.

Nearing the end of my stay with RBC Ventures, a new vertical was formed for Health & Wellness. I helped in the ideation, research and design for Sunset: a single-stop platform for caregivers to take care of their loved ones’ end-of-life affairs. Through this process, my interest in healthcare was rekindled.


Think Research (2017-2018)

VirtualCare // ProgressNotes

I collaborated with some of the brightest product owners and developers at Think Research.

I helped launch VirtualCare, which provides family physicians or their on-call delegates the ability to conduct a virtual visit with patients.

Check out the full case study on VirtualCare.

I also worked on ProgressNotes, a clinical documentation tool that allows physicians to gain clinical context easily. The product sought to standardize and improve the documentation practices of clinicians.

Read the case study on on ProgressNotes.

OnCall Health (2018-Present)

OnCall Platform

Since early 2018, I started working with OnCall Health, a startup that provides a scheduling and tele-health solution to healthcare providers.

Leaning on my parallel experience of shipping VirtualCare at Think Research, I’ve since had the opportunity to design several large features for OnCall.

See what I worked on with OnCall.


RL Solutions (2012-2017)

Infection Control

During my stay at RL, I grew into the role of a product designer. I worked on Infection Control, the company's least profitable product and transformed it into the most promising offering in the company's pipeline.

Take a look at the Infection Control project.